Ardmore GOALS Soccer 

Click Here to Register For Spring 2016!

The Ardmore GOALS Spring Season is scheduled to kick off March 19, 2016.  Use the link above to register online.  When you submit your players registration, you will be given the GOALS P.O. Box Address to remit your fees.

All players returning from the fall of 2015 will be given a $5.00 discount.  If you have more than one child registering, you will be given a $5.00 discount for each additional sibling!

See the calendar  for live registration events.

Please remember, your player will not be placed on a roster until full payment is recorded by the registrar.  Late payments will likely affect the availability of any uniform orders as well.  Refunds will be reduced by any expense the club has incurred in the registration of a player.  There are no refunds once the season of play has begun. 

Upcoming Events:

Board of Directors Meeting                                January 4th

Live Registration Events

​All events will be at the Ardmore Commons

                                                                         January 9th

                                                                         January 23rd

                                                                         February 6th

Deadline for U13 and up is 12:00pm            February 10th 

Team formation for U13 and up                       February 11th

U13 & up uniform order is due                         February 12th

                                                                         February 13th

                                                                         February 20th

Deadline for U12 and below is 12:00pm      February 22nd 

Team formation for U12 and below                 February 25th

​U12 & below uniform order is due                   February 26th

​Coaches Meeting (location TBD)                     February 29th

​Field Preparation Days                                    March 12 & 13

Daylight Savings Begins                                  March 13th

Games BEGIN!                                                March 19th    


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